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Principal Engineer- 5G Systems

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    Dallas, TX
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    April 15


Development of beamforming and MIMO radio system architectures and antenna array systems for existing 3G/4G wireless standards and developing 5G systems.  Condense high level standards and specifications into detailed requirements for sub-systems, blocks, and devices.  Conduct analysis and simulation of RF, MIMO, and beamforming behavior from baseband through the antenna and wireless link using Microwave Office, Keysight ADS, MatLab, and SimuLink.  Conduct chain analysis to optimize parametric distribution and RF impairment analysis to ensure system dynamic range and channel fidelity.  Perform link budget analysis to appropriately scale power amplifier and antenna characteristics.  Conduct simulation and analysis of system throughput for various channel conditions and hardware impairments.  Optimization of functional partitioning between DSP, mixed signal, and RF blocks.


  • Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering with a minimum of twelve (12) years direct experience. Master of Science or PhD in Electrical Engineering preferred
  • Experience in sub-6 active/passive mMIMO Antenna systems including calibration algorithms.
  • Experience in active and adaptive beamforming RF systems.
  • Understanding of receiver and transmitter functional blocks and capabilities including antennas, power amplifiers, filters, duplexers, oscillators, frequency converters, modulators, and demodulators.
  • Wide range of experience in RF system phased array and/or beamforming simulation and analysis using Microwave Office, Keysight ADS, MatLab, and Simulink.
  • Experience in link budget analysis, chain analysis, EVM analysis, and throughput analysis.
  • Experience in analyzing high level system requirements to extract block level hardware and software level requirements.
  • Understanding of transmitter and receiver impairments including sources of thermal noise, phase noise, non-linearities, PIM, group delay, intermodulation, spurious and simulation of impairment impact.
  • Understanding of wireless receiver and transmitter architectures, antennas, and devices.
  • Knowledge of wireless infrastructure architectures and air interface standards including LTE and HSPA.
  • Skilled in thorough documentation of requirements and architectures and presentation of radio architecture concepts.
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